Study Guide

Don’t take our word for it, open the book for yourself. If you want to know more about God and His promises, reading the Bible is your next step.

We believe it is important to be intentional about reading scripture. That’s why we provide weekly study guides every week to go along with our current message series.

Study guide for the week of 03-03-2019

MondayRead Matthew 6:9-13 in the New Testament.   The last line of the Lord’s Prayer as most churches use it is, “For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever, Amen.”  In most translations of the Bible it does not appear in the text.  Rather, it’s noted in a footnote that some manuscripts contained it, but others did not.  It may be just a footnote, but it packs a powerful punch.  The word “For” might better be translated “Because.”  We pray everything in the Lord’s Prayer BECAUSE the Kingdom, Power, and Glory all belong to God.  What does this mean for you?

TuesdayRead  Exodus 3:13-15 in the Old Testament.   Moses largely was unfamiliar with God when God called him to lead the Hebrew Slaves out of bondage in Egypt and to the land God had promised them.  Moses was reluctant, and asked God who he should tell the Hebrews had sent him.  He wanted to know God’s name.   God’s answer was less of a name and more of a verb.  “I AM,” he replied.   What does it say about the level of God’s power that God would identify himself by the first person singular being-verb?

WednesdayRead John 1:14 in the New Testament.   The concept of  “glory” has multiple dimensions.  Glory means fame, success, acclaim, and being worthy of praise.  Glory also has a certain glow of energy, or magnificence, or light.  When people encountered God’s glory, they fell facedown.  They were awestruck and couldn’t speak.  John lets us know from the beginning of his gospel that God’s glory is most fully known in Jesus.   What is the closest you have come to experiencing God’s glory?

ThursdayRead Luke 22:39-42 in the New Testament.   A powerful word in the last line of the Lord’s Prayer as we pray it is “thine” or “yours” in current word usage.   That one word acknowledges that it all begins with God, continues with God, and finishes with God.  It is all about what the heart and will of God, who loves us with a love greater than we can imagine.  That’s hard to acknowledge, especially when life or circumstances want us to shift to “mine.”   Where is it hardest right now in your life to say, “God, not my will, but yours.”?

Friday – Read Revelation 22:1-5 Nothing lasts forever, right?  But the Lord’s Prayer states a belief that God’s Kingdom, Glory, and Power WILL last forever.   In fact, they will not be bound by the limits of time that define our existence.   In these verses, and exiled Christian leader named John describes a glimpse of God’s forever?   Where do you see glimpses of God’s forever?   What makes you most hopeful about God’s forever?